Here are some downloads for getting started with CFWheels fast.

MARC (MySQL, Apache, Railo, and ColdFusion On Wheels)

Download MARC 0.4.5 (842 mb) 2010/05/14 Readme.html


The developer should be able to use Wheels without any setup/configuration except for the database. Start the virtual machine instance (vmi), fire up Eclipse and Firefox inside the vmi and code immediately with CFEclipse.


1) Download, 2) extract, and 3) launch inside Virtual Box

If you haven't, please installed VirtualBox to use MARC.

Previous Version

MARC 0.4 (821 mb) 2010/05/14 Readme.html

MARC 0.3 (589 mb) 2010/02/14

Fusegrid SDK with ColdFusion On Wheels

Go To Fusegrid SDK site


Fusegrid SDK provides a fast, lightweight, cross platform server deployment to develop your CFML applications. Developing your CFML apps on the Fusegrid SDK will ensure a simple transition to the Fusegrid Cloud. The Fusegrid SDK makes use of the blazingly fast Railo Open Source and Jetty, an extremely lightweight and stable Java Web Server.


1) Download SDK, 2) extract, and 3) launch