AMD64 Flash Firefox 3 install (solved)

September 6, 2008 by Mike Henke    No Comments
Posted under: Ubuntu

I installed Xubuntu 8.04 for better performance but some reason Firefox and Flash won't work properly for Adobe Connect recordings. My laptop is an Acer AMD Turion 64 so the normal Flash installation woudn't work. Here is what I did (I tried many things but think this is what worked).

I ran the getFlash script from here.

But Firefox 3.0.1 still wouldn't run Flash after testing. So I found and ran this command:

sudo ln -sf /usr/lib/nspluginwrapper/plugins/ /usr/lib/firefox-3.0.1/plugins/

Well, Flash was working but not any Adobe Breeze recordings. I next found and ran this command:

sudo apt-get install lib32nss-mdns

And now everything seems to be working great.