Amazon S3 and JetS3t synchronizing

November 6, 2007 by Mike Henke    No Comments
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JetS3t can be used across Ubuntu and Windows which I needed. I like to be able to sync files between my two systems. JetS3t has a synchronize command line tool. It is in bat and sh format. JetS3t also has a nice GUI called cockpit.

My Amazon S3 (stand for Amazon Simple Storage Service) setup for sync-ing is a bucket called which contains folder: doc, doc-archives, My Music, scripts, and Desktop Wallpaper.

On my Windows computer I have all these folders under My Documents. My Documents contains other files and sub-folders. This example will be using the docs folder.

My command for Windows to download is synchronize.bat DOWN "C:Documents and SettingsmhenkeMy Documentsdocs" when inside the bin folder of JetS3t.

Uploading is a little less obvious. Some reason when I used JetS3t created the files in docs/docs/ on Amazon S3.

Here is the Windows command I am using synchronize.bat -k up "C:Documents and SettingsmhenkeMy Documentsdocs"

I repeat the commands for all my folder I want to sync from Windows to Amazon S3. (I have a notepad file with the commands and will try to automate later)

NOTE: Be sure to test any commands using -n before the up or down attribute. It will give a summary of what will happen.

The Ubuntu commands are a little more straightfoward since I have a sync folder where all the subfolders (doc, doc-archives, My Music, scripts, and Desktop Wallpaper) are located without any extra files and subfolders.

Download: /home/mhenke/jets3t-0.5.0/bin/ DOWN /home/mhenke/sync

Upload: /home/mhenke/jets3t-0.5.0/bin/ UP /home/mhenke/sync/docs /home/mhenke/sync/docs-archive /home/mhenke/sync/scripts "/home/mhenke/sync/Desktop Wallpaper" "/home/mhenke/sync/My Music"