Eclipse Working Sets

February 5, 2008 by Mike Henke    2 Comments
Posted under: CFEclipse · Eclipse

This entry is a quick review of Working Sets in Eclipse. I will show how to create a new working set and selecting/deselecting. Working sets help reduce the clutter. A working set groups resources for display in the Navigator view.

I finally learned about working sets today while attending a 4 day Model Glue class by Doug Hughes. Doug showed the group during a break and I figured this would complement the entry on Eclipse Navigator Toolbar.

Create A working set

Select the menu triangle in the Navigator view, then "Select Working Set…"

selecting working set

In the next dialog box select New then Resource and Next.

Here is where the cool part starts. Enter a name for the Working set and then select resources to be used in this working set. You are able to choice projects, folder, and individual files. I selected several different items.

Now you will be presented with a window to select the working set you would like activated in your Naviator Toolbar. Check your newly created working set. You can even select multiple work sets.


To deselect working sets, select working sets, and other options, you can select the menu triangle in the Navigator view.

As you see above the newly created working set is now showing in the Navigator view reducing the clutter and helping me easily get to the files I need.