Uneclipsing CFEclipse Show Line Numbers

December 20, 2007 by Mike Henke    8 Comments
Posted under: CFEclipse · Eclipse

Quick Eclipse and CFEclipse hint. The entry is mainly about turning on CFEclipse line numbers but useful for other hidden Eclipse preferences.

In Eclipse, under Windows —> Preferences are many settings its hard to locate the one you are looking for. Eclipse actually has a built in search/filter. In my screenshot I start typing in "numbers" since I am looking for turning on line numbers. I could look for font, startup, etc. All the preferences filter so only matching settings are left.

You might think you have turned on Line numbers for CFEclipse but actually it is for Eclipse. You will need to switch on a line number setting specific for CFEclipse. This setting actually doesn't work for the filter but my last screen shot shows were it is located. Restart any open CFEclipse files and now the line numbers should appear.

CFEclipse Line Number setting