Coldfusion and Git, again behind the times

August 25, 2009 by Mike Henke    16 Comments
Posted under: ColdFusion · Git

I really enjoy ColdFusion but I am frustrated seeing tools in other programming languages like metric testing (NDepend), code coverage (Emma), and coding standards (Checkstyle). None of these tools are new. They are immensely helpful, but not really available in CFML.

That being said, I feel ColdFusion is several years behind everyone else. Look @ the recent Hibernate addition to ColdFusion 9. Hibernate actually won a Jolt Award in 2005 and has been around before that but now 2009 (really maybe 2010 depending on CF9 release) ColdFusion is incorporating it.

Recently there was a successful push by the ColdFusion community towards source control. It seems SVN is now a defacto piece in most development shops. If not SVN, then some type of source control. I am hoping for a push by RIAForge and other ColdFusion community leaders to use Git.

For the ColdFusion project community, I see Git as a way for stale projects to get re-energized and have more community members involved. Git might have been a good fit for Fusebox so it didn't have to fork into a new project FuseNG. Users of Fusebox, could have seen the main Fusebox repository going dormant and noticed Adam Haskell with alot of activity. FuseBox users then could start pulling from Adam. Fusebox could also eventually pull in Adam's changes or not.

This is just one example but I hope to see ColdFusion ride the crest of Git instead of following in the wake.

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