ColdFusion training for a newbie series

May 15, 2012 by Mike Henke    1 Comment
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My company recently hired another developer. It was the first time I was involved in the hiring process. We hired a recent college graduate with no CFML experience and slight PHP. The grad did seem somewhat strong with HTML, SQL, and CSS. Javascript was slight and jQuery non-existant. I'll be doing blog series on the training as it progressing.

We will focus on CFML the first week, with a little jQuery at the end of the week. Then the second week we will focus on Git, SQL, and a little CSS. Training will ideally be broken into half days with learning the company, application, and ticket system. The other half day will be learning Adobe ColdFusion, ColdFusion Builder and other programming skills.

Here is the training material and schedule. I also gave the developer a copy of ColdFusion 8 Developer Tutorial. We are using ACF9 but didn't have a copy of the updated book. I also picked up Railo 3 Beginner's Guide.

This opportunity is a great chance to try my recommended CFML books for newbies.