Contribute to CFML in 100 mins and Win ColdFusion 9 Developer Tutorial book

January 13, 2012 by Mike Henke    No Comments
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Time for another Contribute and Win contest. This will be the third Contribute and Win. Contribute and win has had many simple and more complex contributes from various developers. Same rules as before, I will randomly select a contributor to "CFML in 100 minutes" and award them the prize. You can commit once or multiple times but you will only be entered in once. I will giveaway a copy of "ColdFusion 9 Developer Tutorial" to lucky contributor of "CFML in 100 minutes". The winner will be announce on Jan 31, 2012.

Spot a typo or code example not working

All you need is an eagle eye to spot a typo or code example not working. 

Fix a ticket

Grab a ticket, fix it, then submit a pull request.

Add script examples

Want practice with script, look at a tag example and port it to script.

Contributing is dead simple

Contributing is dead simple, log into Github then click "Fork and edit this file" button on the cfml100mins.markdown file. That will automatically fork the project so you can edit the file in the browser. Once your edit is complete send me a pull request via Github and you are entered into the giveaway.