GitHub can fix everything

May 25, 2012 by Mike Henke    30 Comments
Posted under: Git · Github

The title is a little facetious but I do think Github collaberation is not being taken advantage of in the ColdFusion community. Sure some CFML-ers like Mark Mandel, Luis Majano, and Marc Esher are using github. ColdFusion projects like ValidateThis, FW1, and MuraCMS are on it. ColdFusion Koans is even taking advantage of github pages (being able to host a site on github). All this said, github is much more than hosting projects and sample code.

The Wired article, The Meta-Story: How Wired Published Its GitHub Story on GitHub, describes how Wired published a story using github. It mentions Github is being used to oversee stuff outside of code like Senate bills, text files, and books. Pro Git is a great example of publishing a book on github.

People "can mess around with it, and then offer the changes back". Training material is perfect for github also. I have CFML in 100 minutes on github. It is pretty cool a couple weeks ago bcswartz added a Switch, Case, & Default section. I did change the sections to a wiki from markdown files.

Back to my original point, the CFML community doesn't seem from my perspective to be taking full advantage of Github collaberation and I hope this changes.