Moving back to Omaha / CACFUG / Firebug

November 4, 2010 by Mike Henke    10 Comments
Posted under: CFWheels · ColdFusion

Well, if you follow my blog you may remember I moved to Washington, DC nearly 2 years ago. It has been an interesting time. I have seen many embassies, been on lots of walking tours, and many boat cruises on the Potomac along with seeing all the memorials and some Smithsonians. I really enjoyed the Southeast Minnesota Honor flights. I think I helped with five. With that said, I am moving back to Omaha after accepting a position that looks very interesting and will allow me to mentor a younger developer while hopefully implementing a lot of Wheels projects on new applications while expanding the position and leading more developers as the company grows.


I would like to point out a new user group, I will be missing. The Capital Area ColdFusion User Group has had an outstanding start and I am sad I will be unable to attend all the upcoming meetings. They have a lot of great content and presenters to pick from in the DMV (District, Maryland, and Virgina — Washington loves its initializations). The CACFUG reminded me of the NECFUG I left and will be rejoining in Omaha. The members are really friendly and smart. The upcoming meeting on Nov 9th will be my last for the CACFUG.


The job I am leaving asked me to give a quick Firebug/CSS demo before I leave, so here are some resources. I would watch this for an intro into firebug. I use the net and html tabs the most for css/html editing/debugging. I have used the Script tab a little to debug javascript. As for learning CSS, I would say I learned a lot from this book, Head First XHTML/CSS. And for jQuery I like the "In Action" book series