Noteworthy thread about Git and a ColdFusion project

September 25, 2009 by Mike Henke    No Comments
Posted under: CFWheels · ColdFusion · Git

There is an interesting thread going on with the CFWheels google group over switching to git.

Does it really matter to community members what source control the project is using?

Subversion is locked down to only committers who have access, so any community changes come via patches. Maybe using svn patch command or just an email with the new code. I think most ColdFusion projects are pretty open about giving svn rights to active community members but probably not until a comradery has developed.

With a ColdFusion project switching to github and git, the same process will happen for community members not using git but the major gain is anyone can contribute easily, without any extra work. Anyone can come and push the project forward and then disappear.

Feel free to join and pipe in on the conversation. I disabled comments from my entry.