Podcast discussing Mylyn Tasktop and Adobe Flash ColdFusion Builder

October 10, 2011 by Mike Henke    No Comments
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Recently, I was honored to be on the 2 Devs from Down Under podcast discussing an upcoming session for CFObjective ANZ titled "Task-Oriented Workflow With Adobe Flash & ColdFusion Builder". I edited down my discussion to just over 17 mins here. I was on a panel of 2 other speakers. If you wish to listen to the whole podcast, you can find it here: Even more speakers – and Kai wins.

I briefly mentioned the One Day ColdFusion On Wheels Intro before the conference. Please sign up and support the conference and training! Thanks

I had such a great time, Ryan Stille and I are going to give podcasting a try for three eposides over the next 6 weeks. We are going to keep it light and short (under 20 minutes) mentioning items from my shared Google Reader and favorite tweets along with news Ryan finds interesting.

Listen to the Podcast