Seamless ColdFusion Builder on Linux

June 28, 2011 by Mike Henke    2 Comments
Posted under: CFEclipse · ColdFusion · ColdFusion Builder · Linux · Xubuntu

I recently switched to Xubuntu as mentioned in a couple recent posts. This weekend I was playing around with Turnkey Tomcat-Apache-ColdFusion and used Eclipse to connect to the virtual machine. I found CFEclipse wouldn't save the cfml file using a RSE connection unless I switched the file editor but I would lose syntax and highlighting. ColdFusion Builder and seamless Virtualbox to the rescue. Take a look at my Xubuntu screen with CFBuilder behind Thunar (File Manager).

The key is to setup a VirtualBox machine with Windows and then install Guest Additions on the vm. Next install and start ColdFusion Builder in the vm and then go into seamless mode. You can select right Ctrl-L or from the vm menu select Machine – Switch to Seamless Mode to start/end seamless mode. I did try CFBuilder with Wine on Linux but didn't have much success.