Try, evaluate, and retry (ColdFusion Frameworks)

February 1, 2011 by Mike Henke    4 Comments
Posted under: CFWheels · ColdFusion

I feel strongly you should not roll your own framework unless it is for learning purposes. Any new application, you definately need to use a framework, no matter how small.

Please try one of the existing frameworks. You should eventually find one fitting you, your application, and deadline. The existing frameworks are tried and true with numerous people working with them. You will have documentation and an active community to help you. 

I have hands on experience with most the active frameworks (except FW-1 but I have seen several presentations over it.) None in the corporate world except Wheels. I had Model-Glue training by Doug Hughes and ColdBox training by Luis Majano. I used Mach-II for my original blog. I definately need to retry all them again.

Some active ColdFusion frameworks, you may want to look at:

  • ColdBox is the first ColdFusion convention over configuration framework. It is comprehensive and modular. Documentation is a key feature. 
  • ColdFusion On Wheels was designed to bring many concepts from Ruby on Rails to ColdFusion. Its developers aim for it to be simple to use.
  • FW/1's first specification was to create an extremely lightweight convention over configuration framework. (See Adobe ColdFusion Anthology, Chapter 31 "FW/1: The Invisible Framework" by Sean Corfield)
  • Mach-II, the first ColdFusion Object Oriented (OO) framework, is an excellent choice if you have an experienced OO developer or you want to began OO development. (See Adobe ColdFusion Anthology, Chapter 26 "Mach-II Fundamentals" by Matt Woodward)
  • Model-Glue was inspired by Flash's event system with broadcasts and listeners. (See Adobe ColdFusion Anthology, Chapter 27 "Model Glue Fundamentals" by Joe Rinehart)