Upcoming D2WC conference and CFWheels training in July

July 5, 2011 by Mike Henke    2 Comments
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D2WC conference

Just a reminder, the D2WC conference is coming up in a few weeks, July 14-16, in Kansas City. It is a conference focusing on workflow for designers and developers.


We have some of the best speakers in the business at D2W. Many were here last year as well, like Paul Trani and Doug Winnie from Adobe. This year Seb Lee-Delisle is doing a 2-Day Hands-on Creative JS class prior to D2W.

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What is workflow? Workflow is something we all do, day in and day out – although you may not even think about it. Do you work with multiple applications during the day? Do you work with team members, departments, clients, etc.? Are you a designer who wants to learn more about code? A developer who wants to know more about design? Either wanting to get into the mobile world?

Introducing ColdFusion On Wheels

Another July training event is an Introducing ColdFusion On Wheels the following weeking, July 22-23, in Omaha. It is a two day course working through a single concept by creating a simple blog system, going from an idea to a finished product.

The main goals of the course are learning:

  • Models, Views, and Controllers
  • Data Structures & Relationships
  • Routing
  • Migrations
  • Views with forms, partials, and helpers
  • RESTful design
  • Using Wheels plugins